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Comparison Of Soft Start Safety Couplings With Hydraulic Couplings
Sep 01, 2017

1. Soft-start safety coupling size is less than the hydraulic coupling, such as 132kW 4-pole motor with soft-start safety coupling diameter of 350mm, while the hydraulic coupling diameter of 580mm. 450kW 4-pole motor with soft-start safety coupling diameter of 420mm, and the hydraulic coupling diameter of 760mm. 

2. Soft start safety coupling for the pure mechanical structure, maintenance-free, soft-start safety coupling of the main structure of steel, of which there are two bearing bearings, bearing the bearing when the inner and outer ring is relatively static, Do not need to refuel the operation, therefore, the coupling is running, in addition to connecting the nylon pin for the wearing parts to be replaced, the remaining pieces of maintenance work; hydraulic coupling in the operation due to the possibility of sealing failure Maintenance, especially in the case of large temperature difference. 

3. The hydraulic coupling has a seal, the seal in the ambient temperature changes when the failure of a large situation, once the failure of the seal, the hydraulic coupling is oil spill failure, this possibility is greater in the northern alpine region; soft start Safety coupling is no such concern. 

4. Soft start safety coupling in the overload slip, the timely stop motor, remove the overload and then restart the motor to work; hydraulic coupling to be re-fuel to work, and to clean up the scene of oil spills. 

5. Hydraulic coupling for the cast aluminum structure, frequent changes in the load, the temperature difference is large when the aluminum shell bleed failure may be, soft start safety coupling is no such possibility.

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