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Hydraulic coupling refueling methods introduced
Dec 27, 2017

1 The working fluid for the hydraulic coupling drive medium, the amount of fluid directly affects the coupling can pass the size of the rated power, the same specifications Coupling in the range of rated power can be achieved through a different amount of liquid Changes can be matched with different power motors to accommodate no the same job requirements.

2 The performance of the working fluid coupling torque transmission capacity and safety issues such as operation. Requirements of the working fluid has a relatively high flash point, the lower the freezing point, a larger density, suitable viscosity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, should not blistering and precipitation, lubrication is good, the specific requirements are as follows:

 Oil media coupling 22 turbine oil (turbine oil), 6 hydraulic transmission oil, 8 hydraulic transmission oil, coal mine and other flammable and explosive places should use the water media coupling. The internal structure, safety measures, anti-corrosion treatment and other aspects of the oil media coupler and the water media coupler are different. Never change the working medium of the coupler arbitrarily.

3 The coupling fluid filled out when the filling plug, the working medium by GF1W0.63 / 0.2 filter can only be filled into the coupling cavity. After filling with the appropriate working medium, inspect and tighten all grease plugs and fusible plugs on the coupling housing.

4 The maximum coupling oil filling capacity of the total volume of 80% of the working chamber, the working fluid is absolutely not full, otherwise run-time oil temperature rise, volume expansion, will lead to seal failure or shell cracking.

5 The minimum coupling oil filling capacity of 40% of the total volume of the working chamber, oil filling is too small will lead to insufficient lubrication of the bearing, thus shortening the life of the coupling.

6 The correct oil level on the normal operation of the coupler is very important, it is recommended to carry out regular oil level inspection. Recommended buy limit torque coupling (sight glass), through the observation mirror, without having to open the coupling, you can easily check the liquid volume at any time.

7 The user without more stringent requirements, the rotatable coupling housing, when the oil plug swivel to the highest point from the vertical centerline of about 55 °, the working fluid just flows out of the cavity can be regarded as coupling to pass higher The rated power of the better oil. Recommended users should be based on the actual workload of the size and condition requirements to adjust the amount of oil filling.