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Features And Applications Of Hydraulic Safety Couplings
Jun 29, 2017

(1) Compact structure, small quality, small radial size, small moment of inertia, easy to connect with other transmission parts. Not affected by metal fatigue, can be a longer time to guarantee the limited transmission of the predetermined torque. Can be more sensitive to overload safety protection. By controlling the pressure injected into the pressure oil, the transfer torque is adjusted in a larger range. Transmission balance, can be buffered, damping, suitable for the positive and negative rotating conditions. Replacement of vulnerable parts (cutting pipe) more convenient, shorten the auxiliary work hours. Convenient maintenance and low cost.

(2) Hydraulic safety coupling with other transmission components supporting applications, such as universal coupling, tooth type coupling, diaphragm coupling, fan block elastic coupling, elastic movable pin coupling, such as flexible couplings, and gears, shafts and other joints, to transfer torque, and play a role in security.