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How To Drive Fuel Economy To Understand The Automatic Transmission System
Oct 24, 2017

In the car now a large part of the application of the automatic transmission, it can provide us with the convenience is beyond doubt, especially in the city park on the road to stop, with an automatic car models, means that your left Feet get liberation, and not because of congestion, non-stop start step on the clutch. Even if we no longer how to pursue the principle of manual transmission models, and ultimately will inevitably compromise to the road congestion in the city, this time an automatic gearbox will be your best assistant.


One of the most commonly used gearbox is the hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission, which is mainly composed of hydraulic transmission system, mechanical gear transmission system, hydraulic control system and hydraulic (electronic) control system. This system is particularly noticeable with the manual gearboxes we have talked about before. And today we come to you for a simple understanding of the hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission of the core components - hydraulic transmission system.

Hydraulic transmission system, as the name suggests, is to rely on the transmission power between the liquid. Our two most common hydraulic drives are hydraulic couplers and torque converters.


Hydraulic coupler mainly by the pump wheel, turbine and coupler shell and other components. The pump wheel is connected with the crankshaft of the engine, the turbine is connected with the driven shaft, the pump wheel and the turbine are not directly connected, but by the flow of liquid between the two to transmit power. The working principle of the pump to drive the turbine rotation, a fan through the air to drive another fan rotation.


But the hydraulic coupler has some shortcomings, it can only transmit torque, can not change the torque size; and can not replace the role of the clutch, the drive system to increase the vertical size; another transmission efficiency is low. Another type of hydraulic drive system is the torque converter, which is widely used in today's automatic transmission, mainly by the pump wheel, turbine, guide wheel and torque converter shell and other components, and hydraulic coupler The biggest difference is the addition of the guide wheel. It improves the coupler can not change the size of the shortcomings of the torque in the process of liquid circulation, the fixed fixed guide wheel to the turbine a reaction torque, the turbine output torque is different from the pump wheel input torque.


Often automatic gearbox comparison fee oil, how is this caused? It is because it relies on the liquid to produce eddy currents, and the friction between the turbine blades and the vortex produces a lot of heat, resulting in energy loss, so the efficiency of relying on hydraulic transmission is relatively low, the corresponding fuel consumption is high. And we can also know that the driving of automatic vehicles for driving habits of the higher requirements.


Because the liquid transmission power is not as straight as the machine is simply, if the sudden step on the throttle, will lead to the internal torque converter torque is poor, resulting in greater heat loss, fuel consumption will be higher, so automatic vehicles should be as uniform as possible Slow uniform speed of driving, so that you can better control fuel consumption. The above content is provided by Xinxiang City xinsheng mine manufacturing Co.,Ltd.http://xskjcoupling.com/