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Hydraulic Coupler Transmission Work Oil Is Contaminated By The Hazards Caused By Pollution
Sep 22, 2017

Hydraulic coupler transmission oil pollution can lead to a variety of system failure, the following describes a number of important aspects:

One: Damaged seal. Hydraulic couplers are mostly sealed, if the working oil pollution particles, it will damage the oil seal lip, exacerbate the wear on the shaft seal, thus breaking the seal.

Two: damage bearings, gears. As the hydraulic transmission of oil that is the transmission of power and lubrication of bearings, so the oil mixed with impurities will accelerate the bearing, especially the wear and tear of the bearing wear, exacerbate the damage to the gear.

Three: to accelerate the aging of oil: oil pollution, the viscosity of the oil rust, anti-emulsification, defoaming and other rational reduction.

The above describes the hydraulic coupling drive oil pollution caused by the hazards caused by the user should pay attention to the use of detailed instructions to read the hydraulic coupler, the regular replacement of hydraulic transmission oil.