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Hydraulic Coupling, Also Known As Hydraulic Coupling, Is A Universal Hydraulic Transmission Element
Jan 29, 2018

Hydraulic coupling, also known as hydraulic coupling, is a universal hydraulic transmission element

The main function of hydraulic coupling device applications are: rotating shell, the input shaft, the output shaft, pump wheel, turbine and spoon tube. Normally, the pump wheel and the rotating housing are flanged at the outer edge.

Hydraulic coupling working wheel is divided into the pump impeller and the turbine, the impeller and the turbine blades, two were input and output shaft, there is a gap between them, and have the same radial size of the cavity , So, together to form a working oil chamber. The working oil enters from the inside of the pump impeller and rotates with the power generator. The oil is thrown to the outside of the impeller by the action of centrifugal force to form a high-speed oil flow that runs opposite to the turbine impeller and flows toward the inside of the impeller to decelerate and flow in parallel Back to the inside of the pump wheel, forming a cycle of oil. The absolute flow of the working fluid in the working chamber is a three-dimensional movement. Rotating the housing and the pump impeller coupling surrounded the turbine, the working fluid can be stored in the pump wheel. The input shaft is connected to the power machine, and the output shaft is connected to the driven machine.