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Hydraulic Coupling Can Add Water, Normal Maintenance Pay Attention To What
Nov 22, 2017

A customer consultation Hydraulic Coupler without adding 32 turbine oil can add water? What to pay attention to the normal maintenance?

 Doubts in this regard should be the new l Miner users would like to ask, in this unified answer. 

 First of all, the hydraulic coupler oil separation medium and water medium two types, water medium type used in coal mines, underground and other explosion-proof operating environment. Non-flammable and explosive environments use oil-media couplings for most of the occasions. L-TSA32 turbine oil and hydraulic transmission oil No. 6 are recommended for working fluids. These two types of internal structure, anti-corrosion treatment and overload protection are not the same, you can not just change the working medium, but can not be mixed with different types of working fluid used.

 Normal maintenance should be noted that: the continuous operation of the coupler, the normal operating temperature should not be higher than ninety degrees Celsius; and frequently start, will cause the temperature of the working fluid to rise; tower, bridge crane and other work machine when applied , Should also take into account the impact of inertia, such as not in accordance with the rules of operation, too fast too positive and negative steering force generated by coupling coupling damage; motor and reducer axis should also be coaxial Regularly check and correct the accuracy; need to regularly check the working fluid (recommended every 3000h, the oil is deteriorated) and the elastic plate (plum pad, plum elastic disc), elastic block, regularly to our ORTO Fluid Order elastic rubber connection Pieces and promptly replaced; finally mention the vibration of the machine, motor and reducer loose working vibration can also cause premature coupling damage.