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Aqueous Medium Hydraulic Coupler In Use What Are The Disadvantages?
Dec 27, 2017

Aqueous medium hydraulic coupler in use what are the disadvantages?

 Disadvantages of using hydrodynamic couplings in service:

① After the temperature of aqueous medium is easy to vaporize, water vapor more easy to make the coupling chamber pressure, if not released will cause an explosion, so the aqueous medium fluid coupling except with fusible plug safety protection device Also set the explosive plug.

② Aqueous medium fluid coupling with a seal in the structure of the bearing outside, as water vapor is difficult to seal live, so often erosion bearings, bearing corrosion card to reduce life expectancy.

③ In order to prevent the hydraulic coupling explodes when the internal steam pressure is high, the coupling housing is made thicker and requires to withstand the pressure of 3.4MPa without burst, so not only is the material used more than the oil-media coupling, The difficulty of casting the body also increased.

④ high water medium coupling failure rate is short, MT208 "scraper conveyor hydraulic coupling" standard reliability index provides fluid coupling in the underground operation of the average time between failures of not less than 2000h, the actual This indicator is also very difficult to achieve.

⑤ parts of the cavity surface to be anti-corrosion treatment, increasing costs.