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Is It Easier To Maintain A Hydraulic Coupler With A Permanent Magnet Coupler?
Oct 27, 2017

Both the hydraulic coupling and the permanent magnet coupler are used to make motor drive equipment, but the permanent magnet coupler is superior to the hydraulic coupling in terms of energy saving, maintenance and service life. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) energy-saving effect is significant, adjustable air gap to change the speed, energy efficiency rate of 10% - 50%; (2) with a soft start to reduce the motor to reduce the impact of current (4) overload protection, improve the reliability of the entire motor drive system; (5) maintenance-free, no bearing, no need to increase the maintenance of the motor drive system; (3) tolerate a large installation of the alignment error, greatly simplifying the installation and commissioning process; (6) long life, design life of 30 years, through the US Navy quality inspection; (7) vibration effect is good, no mechanical knot torque transmission; (6) long life, (10) small size, easy installation, can be easily modified on the existing system or used in the new system