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Mine Ash Pump Speed Control Fluid Coupling
Jan 31, 2018

Gravity pump application Speed governing fluid coupling is the key equipment for slurry pipeline hydraulic transmission. In order to meet the needs of various conveying conditions, there are many varieties, models and specifications of ash pump (slurry pump) Some of the ash pump speed and motor speed does not match, in order to adapt to this part of the ash pump hydraulic coupling speed, optional gear reducer hydraulic coupling transmission, the input speed with the motor speed , The output speed with the ash pump speed (change gear reduction ratio to achieve), in order to achieve better technical and economic benefits. You can also use the pulley speed governor fluid coupling, the application of transmission belt to achieve parallel axis drive.

1. Yongping Copper Mills Floating Workshop Sec cyclone group to install the system used YOTrh500 speed control fluid coupling. The system in accordance with the secondary pulp regrinding process requirements, on the 3rd, No. 4 Φ3200mm * 4500mm ball mill No. 5, No. 8 6pH ash pump hydraulic coupling pump Yang Cheng variable speed regulation, differential pressure transmitter Automatic level control. Hydraulic coupling input speed of 1470r / min, the transmission power range of 75 ~ 170kw, suitable for use with 6ph ash pump.

2. Floating workshop section has a total of four sets of ball mill group, according to the grinding process, the No. 1 and 2 ball mill group a coarse grinding diameter mixed flotation of mixed copper and sulfur concentrate sent to No. 3 and 4 ball mill grinding, And then graded by hydrocyclone, which requires the ash pump in a timely manner to the pulp tank slurry transport reground to the second paragraph of the cyclone, the process required to mine stability. Therefore, the dosing pump head and throttle throttling regulation in the process is difficult to achieve, and will have a considerable throttling loss. After the use of hydraulic coupling, by the liquid level differential pressure transmitter on the output of the fluid coupling tracking control, ash slag pump to achieve the automatic adjustment to ensure the stable production of cyclone.

3. Energy-saving benefit analysis: At present, the average grinding slurry amount is 135.4t / h, the speed ratio i = 0.72 of the fluid coupling under the second working condition and the transmission power P = 80.6kw. If the use of gate flow control throttling pump flow to control the slurry tank level, not only the need for supervision at any time, labor intensity is too large, and difficult to achieve in the existing production conditions. Throttle adjustment Compared with the hydraulic coupling variable speed regulation, the throttling consumption power is 148.6kw, so the hydraulic coupling adjustment saves power Pj = (148.6-80.6) kw = 68kw. Calculated according to 8000h work each year, each hydraulic coupling saves 68 * 8000kw = 54.4 * 104kw · h. In addition, the throttling adjustment also included in the pipeline valve wear, adjust the wear and tear caused by the maintenance workload and replacement costs, so that two-phase hydraulic coupling speed control savings more effective.