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Power Plant Coal Conveyor Belt Application YOX450 Type Fluid Coupling Stop And Restart After The Machine Can Not Be Driven To Deal With The Program
Jan 25, 2018

Our company technicians on-site analysis:

After sending technicians to observe and analyze on site, the coupling operates normally before shutdown, and the oil filling amount is reasonable. Just after restarting after stopping, the belt machine does not move when it is heard, but the motor is still on Turn. The technician asked to turn on the machine and found that there was a noise inside the coupling after the motor was rotated. The turbine of the coupling was initially estimated to be rotten. After checking the belt machine, the backstop was found to be reversed (the operator may not be found when the operator turned down during the shutdown check) Remove the coupling check, confirmed that the turbine has broken open in the inner ring, so no power output. The reason is the backstop reversal, start-up can not drive the belt conveyor, the load increases, the turbine strength enough to cause rupture; another reason is the turbine blade connecting the end of the gradient arc transition is too small, the stress is not enough.


1.the user re-purchase a coupling, the operation should be detailed examination of the system.

2.the company's technical section of the turbine blade model re-design, increase the blade connection position, ensure the strength