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Pulverizer Dedicated Hydraulic Coupling
Jan 31, 2018

Pulverizer generally larger power, the motor shaft diameter and the spindle shaft diameter are coarse, the use of direct coupling cartridge coupling installation is very difficult, recommended the following two forms of torque limiting fluid coupling.

1. With removable torque limiting torque coupling, which is characterized by the input and output with a coupling half (or diaphragm coupling, gear coupling).

2. With split removable torque limiting type hydraulic coupling, which is characterized by the input and output with a coupling each half, the installation and removal can be removed from the coupler body, alone heating Act to be installed on the motor shaft and reducer shaft.

3. Deceleration-type hydraulic coupling gear selection, because the mill motor speed most of the lower, so the selected coupling larger specifications, heavy weight, large moment of inertia, high price, the installation is not convenient, run Poor reliability. Pulp machines used abroad in most foreign countries choose to drop hydraulic coupling transmission drive, the device has one or two pairs of reduction gear, you can double the speed of the motor, so the coupling specifications can be greatly reduced, and Through the hydraulic coupling gear reducer gear, you can achieve mill input speed requirements. This transmission is a fixed box-type, easy installation, stable operation, many advantages. Only slightly longer axial dimensions, the price is slightly higher. But in general, the use of hydraulic coupling gear than the selection of torque-type fluid coupling is better.

4. Selection of dual-bearing torque-limiting fluid coupling, the coupling is not hoisted in the motor and mill (or reducer) spindle, but set up support devices, through the two ends of the coupling with the motor or Work machine connected. Its advantages are easy to install, stable operation, reliable, less vibration, low failure rate; the disadvantage is slightly longer axial dimensions, the price is slightly higher, in which the double-chamber dual bearing torque limiting torque transmission is approximately equal to Double the single chamber coupling, the application on the coal mill is more suitable.