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Special Attention Should Be Paid To The Hydraulic Coupler When Refueling
Apr 08, 2018

1. When the motor reaches the rated speed, the motor must start to operate. If the motor does not move, it must stop immediately to check whether the load is braking.

2. Hydraulic coupler leakage is not allowed during operation.

3. Continuous operation, the working oil temperature does not exceed 90 ℃.After running 3000 hours, check the working oil. If the oil is old, oil should be changed.

4. Should be checked regularly according to the work machine repair cycle coupling of elastic plate wear, regular check and working machine motor shaft (such as speed reducer) coaxial precision of the installation and calibration, ensure smooth operation.

5. It is not allowed to remove the hydraulic coupling freely, so as to avoid damaging the sealing and assembling precision.

6. Fusible plug zhongyi metal melting point is 120 ℃, if the fault working oil temperature is high, the melt metal, oil in the work, at this time should be troubleshooting, oil filled again.Be careful not to replace the fusible plug with a metal screw.

Do not start frequently, in case the work oil overtemperature.

7. Good ventilation should be provided to prevent direct sunlight.

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