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Speed Of Type Fluid Coupling Selection
Jan 30, 2018

Speed of type fluid coupling selection match as follows:

1. Determine the transmission mode: the application of hydraulic coupling speed control with a variety of transmission programs, according to the need to choose the most economical and reasonable transmission.

2. Determine the coupling form: According to the working machine speed requirements, choose an economical form of coupling.

3. To determine the coupling speed range: According to the working machine speed requirements and stable operation of the coupler to determine the economic and reasonable speed range.

4. Determine Coupler Specifications: Calculate or look up the table to determine the effective coupler diameter.

5. Determine the coupling rotation: according to the requirements of the working machine to determine the coupling of the rotation.

6. Calculation of coupling slip power loss: According to the operating conditions of the speed point of the operating requirements, calculate the slipper power loss, to guide the speed operation and calculate the cooling area of the cooler.

7. Calculate the cooler parameters: including the calculation of cooler heat transfer area and calculate the cooler water flow, pressure.

8. Calculation Coupler speed governing conditions catheter opening: If necessary, to calculate the coupler in the governor operating point of the catheter opening.

9. Determine the coupling speed control mode and configuration: Speed ?? type hydraulic coupling speed and operation monitoring and control programs varied, equipped with electric actuators, electric operators, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed sensors, etc. Instruments are also varied, selection should be based on the need to be identified.

10. Determine the coupler and the motor, the working machine coupling coupling model size: According to the motor - coupling - working machine installation requirements, to determine the size of the coupling installation and connection.

11. Determine the coupler and the power machine, working machine coupling used Coupling size: Speed control fluid coupling sometimes supplied with both ends of the coupling, it should be based on the transmission torque requirements and installation requirements matching Coupling.

12. Determine the use of the coupling environment requirements: a clear coupling in what environment work, with or without explosion, moisture and other requirements.

13. Determine the other requirements of the coupling: Other requirements made by the user, such as external oil supply, high fuel tank, plus a single base or multi-base, complete sets of supply, modification and so on.