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The Application Of Hydraulic Coupler In Suspension Conveyor
Apr 08, 2018

This paper introduces the following advantages of applying hydraulic coupler drive for hanging conveyor:

1. To solve the problem of light load to start the long suspension conveyor start is difficult, and suddenly start chain easily damaged. After the application of hydraulic coupling transmission, can slow the flexible start, protection of motor and the chain when it starts from being damaged;

2. Coordinate the engine more balanced drive Single drive more standing suspension conveyor, if the speed of each station motor, can appear the phenomenon of a Duan Song a tight chain, severe cases may also occur chain "mountain". After equipped with hydraulic coupling, solved the multi-motor driving, balanced load and running synchronization problem, make the chain slack, running well, reduce the failure rate.Double chain suspension conveyor is the same as gantry crane, the conveyor chain on both sides should be synchronized, otherwise there will be deflection, and serious people may damage the machine.After using the hydraulic coupler drive, the two transmission chains are basically synchronized by adjusting the filling amount to avoid the failure.