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The Characteristics Of The Hydraulic Coupling
Jun 29, 2017

Hydraulic coupler is a flexible transmission device, compared with ordinary mechanical transmission device, has a lot of unique: can eliminate the impact and vibration, the output speed is lower than the input speed, the speed difference between the two axes increases with the increase of load; The overload protection performance and the starting performance are good, the load is too large and the input shaft can still rotate, not causing the power machine damage; When the load decreases, the output shaft speed increases until the speed of the input shaft is close to zero. The transmission efficiency of the hydraulic coupler is equal to the ratio of the output shaft speed to the input shaft speed. The normal operating condition of the general hydraulic coupler can obtain higher efficiency than 0.95. The characteristics of hydraulic couplings vary with the shape of the working cavity and the pump wheel and turbine. It usually depends on the shell natural heat dissipation, do not need external cooling of the oil supply system. If the oil of the fluid coupling is vented, the coupling is in the open state and can play the role of the clutch. However, the hydraulic coupler has some disadvantages such as low efficiency and narrow range.