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The Failure Caused By The Damage Caused By The Pollution Of The Hydraulic Coupler Transmission Oil
Sep 29, 2017

The fluid coupler transmission oil is contaminated, which can cause many problems in the system. The following are several important aspects:

1. Damage seal.

The hydraulic coupler USES the sealing ring mostly. If the working oil has contaminated particles, it will destroy the oil seal lip and increase the wear of the axial seal, thus damaging the seal.

2. Damage bearing and gear.

Because hydraulic transmission oil is used to transfer power and lubricate bearings, mixing impurities in working oil can accelerate the wear of bearings, especially running bearings, and aggravate the damage of gears.

3: accelerate the aging of oil: after the oil is polluted, the viscosity of oil will be reduced by rust resistance, emulsification and defoaming.

Introduced above, is the harm of hydraulic coupling drive working oil contaminated caused by fault, users should pay attention to when using, read hydraulic coupler used manual, replace the hydraulic oil regularly.