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The Influence Of Hydraulic Coupler In Energy Saving
Apr 08, 2018

   The hydraulic coupler is an energy-saving product jointly promoted by the eight ministries and departments of the state. It has been listed as the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 17th and 18th energy-saving product promotion projects in the machinery industry.Since 1978, our country imported from west Germany and Britain since the hydraulic coupling proprietary technology, under the national energetical support and promotion, hydraulic industry obtained great development, the application of the hydraulic coupling in each department expanded and made significant technical and economic benefits.

   Although the application of hydraulic couplers has been effective, compared with foreign countries, there is still a large gap compared with the need of energy saving in China.The main reason is that the hydraulic transmission of this advanced energy-saving technology is still not known to many people.Any machine is composed of power machine, transmission device and working machine.The simplest transmission device, such as a rigid coupling, is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the machine.When the dynamic characteristics of the power machine cannot meet the needs of the working machine, the characteristics of the power machine can be improved by using the transmission device with special performance to adapt to the needs of the working machine.The transmission device can be divided into three types: mechanical transmission, electric drive and fluid transmission, while fluid transmission can be divided into hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission and liquid viscous transmission.

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