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What Are The Applications Of The Hydraulic Coupler On The Opening Machine And The Garage Door Opener?
Apr 08, 2018

   In the canal, navigation is uneven, and the lock will be held in the lock. When the water level is equal to the lower level, the gate can be released.Due to the influence of silting, the lock force of the lock is large, and sometimes the motor is burned due to excessive resistance.Nanjing shipping design since 1990 is more locks on the grand canal of the opening and closing the application hydraulic coupler drive, so don't often open, total running time is not long, so a decade not bad coupling, solved the lock open difficult problem.Since the hydraulic coupler was adopted, the motor and the lock of the lock were not involved in the accident.

   Military and civilian garages, such as hangars and tank gates, often burn the motor because of the difficulty of opening, and when the dirt is blocked, it can also cause power overload.After using the hydraulic coupler drive, the problem of start-up difficulty and overload protection was solved, and many garage opening and closing devices were operated by hydraulic coupling.

   The torque type hydraulic coupling is also called the hydraulic coupling.It has light load starting, overload protection, mitigation impact, isolation torsional vibration, coordinated multi-machine balancing drive, flexible braking and energy saving function.Can effectively protect the motor and working machine from damage.Widely used in: mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, leather, construction, building materials, chemical, textile, light industry, woodworking, transportation...And other industries.