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What Is The Method Of Correcting The Torque Type Hydraulic Coupler?
Oct 27, 2017

Limit torque type hydraulic coupler to find the following methods are:

1, the motor, reducer anchor bolts initially tightened.

2, with the dial gauge bracket correction, the first coupling fastening bolts to remove one, with a bolt to the dial gauge bracket fastened to the coupling, the table will be inserted into the household hole, and the top Wire gently tighten, rotate the coupling housing, at every 90. The value of the beating is observed.

3, with a long connection sleeve to find, the first measure of the total length of the coupling, according to the total length of the motor and reducer layout, visual make it into a straight line. Will be extended connection sleeve with a screw on the motor shaft, the table is sucked on the sleeve, rotating the motor shaft to find the reducer shaft. After correcting, fasten the reducer anchor bolts, tighten the two limit plates on the side of the motor shaft, remove the tool, remove the motor, install the coupling and the front half coupling, the elastic block, and then The motor to the reducer, so that the coupling of the latter half of the coupling, the first half of the coupling and the elastic block combination, so that the motor base by two limit plate, tighten the motor after the anchor bolt to find positive accuracy.