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What Is The Optimum Working Oil Temperature For The Hydraulic Coupler?
Oct 14, 2017

First, the hydraulic coupler exports the best working oil temperature is generally guaranteed at 65 to 75 degrees. This is the optimum temperature for bearing lubrication and drive efficiency.

Second, the working principle of hydraulic coupler

The adjustment of the coupler, in fact, is in accordance with the requirements of the operation through the coupler working chamber oil filling the amount of oil control and control of the turbine speed and output torque changes, the pump increase and decrease the speed command to the servo motor, servo motor drive

The lever is passed to the control shaft, and the control shaft is provided with a fan-shaped cylindrical gear which is engaged with the rack on the spoon tube to drive the spoon. The spoon tube moves away from the oil ring in the working chamber, the amount of oil sucked from the spoon is reduced, the oil of the main oil pump is filled with oil to the working chamber, and the rotational speed is increased. The spoon is moved into the oil ring surface, The amount of oil increases and the speed decreases.

Third, the oil temperature is too high brought about by the series of adverse consequences:

1, oil temperature, so that the viscosity of the oil decreased, increased leakage, reducing the volumetric efficiency. As the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the oil film of the moving parts such as the slide valve is thinned and cut, and the frictional resistance is increased, resulting in increased wear and heating, and the temperature is increased. Statistics show that the mineral oil medium temperature increase of 15 ℃ for its stable life will be reduced by 10 times.

2, the oil temperature is too high, so that high-temperature oxidation of oil, resulting in glial and asphalt impurities, plugging the hydraulic components in the small holes and cracks. Resulting in pressure valve pressure failure, flow valve instability and directional valve stuck without change, metal pipe extension bending, and even rupture and many other failures.

3, the oil temperature is too high, causing thermal deformation, so that different thermal expansion coefficient of the relative movement between the smaller parts of the gap, or even stuck, so that the ability to work.

4, the oil temperature is too high, will make the rubber seal softening, swelling and hardening, cracking and other deformation, reducing its life, loss of sealing performance, resulting in leakage, leakage will further heat to promote the temperature rise.

5, oil temperature, oil, air separation pressure drop, the oil dissolved in the air overflow, resulting in cavitation, resulting in reduced performance of the hydraulic system.